Know Your Workplace Rights


1. Can my employer fire me if I am unable to work because of an injury and am receiving workers' compensation benefits?


No, it is against the law to fire you because you have filed or attempted to file a workers' compensation claim. 

· Reference: Section 440.205, Florida Statutes

2. Can I get a settlement from my claim?


Settlements may be made under certain circumstances and are voluntary; not automatic or mandatory.

· Reference: Section 440.20 (11)(a)(b)(c), Florida Statutes

3. If I'm only temporarily disabled, how long can I get these checks?


You can receive Temporary Total, Temporary Partial Disability payments or a combination of the two benefits during the continuance of your disability for no more than a maximum of 104 weeks.

· Reference: Section 440.15(2), Florida Statutes1. Retaliation Is Illegal Under State Law.