Millions of Dollars in Settlements


Car/Injured Worker Left Leg Amputation, Right leg and Neck Injury $1,000,000.00 Settlement


Client was struck by vehicle in the course and scope of his employment. Client suffered several injuries, including left leg amputation, as well as right leg and neck injuries. When Client was not satisfied with his authorized treating physician, who had indicated the Client was able to return to work, we successfully were able to get the Client a change of doctor, which eventually contributed to a million dollar settlement.  

Steamroller Malfunctioned Causing Severe Burns $240,000.00 Settlement


Client was operating a steamroller. The steamroller malfunctioned, caught on fire, and caused severe 3rd degree burns to over 25% of the Client’s body. Client was medivacked from Palm Beach Co. to Jackson Memorial Burn Center for treatment. Prior to final hearing, the parties agreed to a settlement of $240,000.00. 

Car/Injured Worker Struck by Vehicle Backing Up for Delivery $249,000.00 Settlement


Client was facilitating a pick-up for a large hardware box store, when a vehicle struck him and pinned Client against a fence. Client suffered multiple injuries, including injuries to the back, neck, shoulders, right elbow, torso and lungs. Client was in a coma for nearly a month. After assisting the Client obtain numerous specialists and surgery for his recovery, we were able to obtain a settled for Client in the amount of $249,000.00. 

Car/Injured Worker Rear-Ended $200,000.00 in Benefits Obtained After Carrier Denied Compensability


Client was initially denied workers’ compensation benefits when his Employer issued truck was rear-ended on his way to job site. Carrier asserted Client was not in the course and scope of his employment. After extensive discovery and litigation, Carrier agreed to accept claim as compensable and initiate both medical and indemnity benefits. In total, almost $200,000.00 in benefits were obtained for client, including treatment with an orthopedic spine surgeon, pain management physician and psychologist. 

Back Injury While Moving Files $30,000.00 in back due wages; $100,000.00 Settlement


Client, office clerk, was injured in the course and scope of her employment. A dispute arose between the Client and the Employer/Carrier as to whether Client voluntarily limited her income when doctor released her to return to work on light duty work status. After extensive litigation, Carrier agreed to pay Client $30,000.00 in back due lost wages (temporary partial disability benefits). Later, we were able to obtained a lump sum settlement in amount of $100,000.00. 

Right Leg/Foot Injury When Forklift Accident $85,000.00 Settlement


Client was hit by forklift, causing partial amputation of right foot. Despite authorized treating physician’s opinion that Client cold return to work on light duty status, we were able to obtain a Settlement in the amount of $85,000.00.